Easington Parish Council

Hello to everyone,

I hope you are all keeping well and are not too adversely affected by the current pandemic.


The Parish Council are working hard to help to ensure vital services are maintained and also aid information sharing where possible between us all using different methods.

One of the means of communication is a WhatsApp group, this is very similar to sending a message to anyone but with this app we can communicate as a group, currently there are over 70 people within the group which is just for our Parish villages. If you are able and you would like to join, you just need to have a smart phone and then text or call me on 07847 181548 and I will add you to the group once you have the app for WhatsApp. Alison has also started a facebook page https://www/facebook.com/groups/879297160702655/?ref=share (Easington Parish Community) just go through your facebook account.

If you do not but would like to be kept in the loop, please call me and I will arrange for someone from the group to give you a call every couple of days and pass on relative important information. I’m sure that being isolated we will all get a bit lonely and perhaps a contact call will not only be useful but might also be a break from being stuck in alone and if you are running low on supplies such as milk they will be able to arrange for someone to drop some off for you if you are not able to get out. Always maintain a safe distance of course!

I am in contact with groups arranged by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council which are there to help anyone who finds themselves in difficulty, whether this be financial or if you are in need of essential medicines and are self-isolating. If you are then you can again text or call me and I will provide information on who to contact or offer help from the Parish Council and the wider community if I can.

Notifications will be posted on every household refuse bin this week with some very helpful information for anyone who feels they are at risk, either physically, mentally or in need of urgent assistance with lack of medication or food supplies. Please make sure you keep a look out and make a note of contact information.


The governments’ instructions are clear:

Stay at home.

Only go outside for food, health reasons or work (where this absolutely cannot be done from home).

Stay 2 metres (6ft) away from other people.

Wash your hands as soon as you get home.

You can spread the virus even if you don’t have symptoms.

We all need to look out for each other so please keep in touch with neighbours, friends and family and if you are worried about someone within the villages who you feel does not have the network of support then again, please let me know and I can offer a ‘buddy’ to keep in contact.


Take care everyone and keep in touch with me should you need any help or just want to say hello and have a chat.

It has been suggested that we hold a street party when we get the all clear and I certainly will be looking into arranging something to celebrate our wonderful community and the spirit we have.



Clerk to Easington Parish Council.


East Riding of Yorkshire Council

Emergency Contact Center - Ring 01482 393919 or email covid@eastriding.gov.uk

(9am - 9pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 6pm Saturday and Sunday)

All calls will then be passed to the HEY Smile Foundation who will call upon thier bank of community groups to act upon request for help


Essential Shopping

Dave & Adrian at The Crown and Anchor have been given permission to open up an essentials shop in the pub, They are taking telephone orders on 01964 650276, and you can then collect (please take your own carrier bags). 


Fairshare Shopping - From Friday 27th March - the venue has changed - it is now in the Community Hall - please continue to use this facility


Coach & Horses (Welwick) Shop Now Open - Ring 01964 630788 (9am - 8pm daily except Mondays - Closed All Day


PLEASE NOTE - The Post-Office is cancelled until further notice - the ladies who work here on a Thursday can no longer undertake this role until the virus is contained.