Easington Parish Council

COVID19 (Coronovirus)

Essential Shopping - Dave & Adrian at The Crown and Anchor have been given permission to open up an essentials shop in the pub, They are taking telephone orders on 01964 650276, and you can then collect (please take your own carrier bags). As the stock keeps changing, please check the WhatsApp group for the latest information, or ring direct.


Fairshare Shopping - From Friday 27th March the Church Fair-share will be held from Easigton Community Halll. 


PLEASE NOTE - The Post-Office is cancelled until further notice - the ladies who work here on a Thursday can no longer undertake this role until the virus is contained.


ERYC Dedicated Contact Numbers

01482 393919 (9am - 9pm Monday - Friday) & (9am - 6pm Saturday & Sunday)






This is available for all home owners and private tenants



If you are interested in helping with the youth club then click the link here for full details. 


In the event of a power cut - please contact Northern Power

www.northernpowergrid.com/power-cuts or call 105 Free Of Charge


Holderness Health - New Appointments booking system

As of the 30th September a new appointment booking system is available - attached cover letter and details on bookings can be found by clicking the links - COVER LETTER & QUICK GUIDE


First Aid (Defibrillator) Training

Please contact Alison Whelan (Parish Clerk) to add your name to the list, another session will be held early 2020

Please get in touch if you are wanting to see or learn how to use this live saving kit.


If you have an event you would like to add to the list - please send us details via the Contact Us page, we will add this to the website.




Easington Parish Council Meeting - Monday 6th July - 19:00 (This will be a zoom meeting - as a physical meeting cannot take place due to social distancing)

All events to be held at the Community Hall are Cancelled during July

Green Bins - 10th & 24th 

Blue Bins - 3rd, 17th & 31st

Brown Bins - 9th & 23rd



Easington Parish Council Meeting - Monday 3rd August - 19:00 (further details to be provided depending on COVID19 advice)

All events to be held at the community Hall are Cancelled during August

Green Bins - 7th & 21st 

Blue Bins - 14th & 28th

Brown Bins - 6th & 20th



Easington Parish Council Meeting - Monday 7th September - 19:00 

Green Bins - 6th & 18th 

Blue Bins - 11th & 25th

Brown Bins - 4th & 17th



Easington Parish Council Meeting - Monday 5th October - 19:00 

Green Bins - 2nd, 16th & 30th

Blue Bins - 9th & 23rd

Brown Bins - 1st, 15th & 29th



Easington Parish Council Meeting - Monday 2nd November - 19:00 

Green Bins - 13th & 27th

Blue Bins - 6th & 20th

Brown Bins - 12th & 26th



Easington Parish Council Meeting - Monday 7th December - 19:00 

Green Bins - 11th & TBA

Blue Bins - 4th & 18th

Brown Bins - 10th & 24th