Please find a list of the current Parish Councillors with contact details:

Cllr. Laura D Brown - Email:

Cllr. Jo-Ann Clubley - Email:

Cllr. Roy Clubley - Email:

Cllr. J Burton Graham - Email:
Cllr. Helen L Jacobs - Email:
Cllr. Shane M Keyworth - Email:
Cllr. Ian Smith - Email:
Cllr. David L Steenvoorden MBE - Email:
Cllr. David Taylor - Email:

Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer

Kim Dalton

Tel No:  0754 1066 034

Email: or use the 'Contact Us' section of this website



Positions on Parish Council

Chair  -  Cllr. J. Burton Graham

Vice-Chair  - Cllr. Jo-Ann M Clubley

Financial Representative - Cllr. I Smith

Signatories - Cllrs. JM Clubley,  R Clubley, HL Jacobs, and Clerk



Emergency Plan/Coastal Erosion & Flooding Committee: Cllrs. JM Clubley, JB Graham,  I. Smith and DL Steenvoorden MBE

Facilities Management Committee: Cllrs. LD Brown, JM Clubley and DL Steenvoorden MBE

Health & Safety, Risk Management Committee:  Cllrs. I Smith, JM Clubley, DL Steenvoorden MBE

HR & Staffing Committee:  Cllrs. R Clubley, HL Jacobs and DL Steenvoorden MBE


Positions on External Bodies

Community Hall Committee: Cllr. JB Graham and HL Jacobs

SHAPE (South Holderness Association of Parish Enterprise): Cllr. DC. Taylor

Holderness Health Forum:  Cllr. LD Brown

ERNLLCA: Cllr. DL Steenvoorden MBE


In addition to the above the Parish Council has a responsibility to manage the Cemetery - this is undertaken on our behalf by Mike Welton, contact details are available under the Cemetery and Churchyard section of this website.

Burials and Related matters: Mike Welton supported by the Clerk


Publication of Councillors' Registers of Interest on Town/Parish Council Websites

The Localism Act 2011 requires that town and parish Councils with websites should publish their Councillors' Registers of Interest on that site. This is in addition to the same Registers being available to view on ERYC's website. The Registers of Interest that this ERYC Council holds can be viewed by clicking on the link below:



The Register of Interest for each Councillor on Easington Parish Council is below, CLICK on each name and it will take you onto the Register of Interest Form:

Parish Councillor, Brown, Laura Danielle

Parish Councillor, Clubley, Jo-Ann

Parish Councillor, Clubley, Roy

Parish Councillor, Graham, James Burton

Parish Councillor, Jacobs, Helen Louise

Parish Councillor, Keyworth, Shane Michael

Parish Councillor, Smith, Ian

Parish Councillor, Steenvoorden, David L MBE

Parish Councillor Taylor, David C