Easington Parish Council

Please find a list of the current Parish Councillors with contract details:


Cllr Roy Clubley - Email: rclubley@farming.co.uk

Cllr Burt Graham - Email: jamesbgraham@hotmail.co.uk

Cllr Dave Longhorn - Email: daveandju72@btinternet.com

Cllr Karen Nicholson - Email: klnicholson@yahoo.co.uk

Cllr Ian Smith - Email: ian.w.smith@live.co.uk

Cllr Tony Smith - Email: tsantiques@hotmail.com

Cllr Angie Tucker - Email tringatucker@outlook.com


Clerk to the Parish Council

Alison Whelan: 8 High Street, Easington, HU12 0TS - Tel: 07847 181548 / Email: easingtonparishcouncil@yahoo.co.uk


Listed below is a list of the roles, including sub-committee representations and responsibilities of each Councillor as per the Annual Statutory Meeting (ASM) from June 2019. Due to resignations and new councillors some changes have occurred during this time:

Chair of Easington Parish Council - Cllr Nicholson

Vice-Chair of Easington Parish Council - Cllr I. Smith 

Financial Representative - Cllr I. Smith

Signatories - Cllr Clubley, Cllr Nicholson (plus Clerk)


HR: Cllrs Nicholson and A. Tucker

Emergency Plan: Cllrs I. Smith, T. Smith, Tucker & vacancy

Parish Plan: Cllrs Graham, Nicholson & Tucker & vacancy

Coastal Erosion & Flooding: Cllrs Graham & I Smith

Planning & Development: Cllrs I.Smith, Nicholson, Tucker & vacancy

Churchyard, Cemetary, Village Garden, Blakewall Pond, Allotments and Parish Grassed areas: Cllr Longhorn & T. Smith

Village Seats, Footpaths, Bus Shelter and Litter Bins: Cllr Longhorn & T. Smith

Wider Community sub-group: Cllr Longhorn

Street Lighting: Cllr Longhorn

Community Hall Committee: Cllr Graham

Community Hall Fund: Cllr Clubley

SHAPE (South Holderness Association of Parish Enterprise): Cllr Clubley

Withernsea & District Health Forum: Cllr Tucker

ERNLLCA: Cllrs Nicholson & Tucker


Burials and Related matters: Mike Welton