Cemetery & Churchyard


Easington Cemetery is situated on Humberside Lane Easington HU12 0UA. 

Cemetery Fees applying as from 01/12/2022 



Adult Grave


Child 1 Month to 12 Years


Still Born Child


Grave in old Section if available


Interment of Ashes in a new ½ Size Grave


Interment of Ashes in an existing Grave


Documentation /Interment Fee


Right to Erect a Headstone on a purchased grave




Kerb sets surrounding a grave are not allowed.

All fees are double the above in the event of the person being a non-parishioner. (i.e., living outside the Parish Boundary)


For all matters relating to Burials or Interment of Cremated Remains please contact:

Mike Welton

Phone No:   01964 650265

Email:  mikewelton@lineone.net

For all matters relating to Grounds Maintenance in the first instance please contact the Parish Clerk.



Easington Churchyard is situated in the centre of Easington Village and is dominated by All Saints Church which still holds regular services and also the 'Fareshare' which is usually available on a Friday.

The churchyard is a 'Closed' Churchyard which means that it is no longer used for Burial.  The Parish Council is responsible for the maintenance of the Churchyard and any concerns or queries should be referred in the first instance to the Parish Clerk.

Kilnsea Churchyard is situated on Easington Road Kilnsea and remains open however the one time Church of St Helens is now closed.