Committee's and Responsibilities

Reports from Committees and Councillor's with a Responsibility to Report are included here:

Emergency Plan Committee

The Emergency Plan Committee is in the process of reviewing the current Emergency Plan for the Parish, various meetings have been held the minutes of which are below:





Parish Plan Committee

The Parish Plan has recently been reviewed, questionnaires sent out to households in the parish and the responses are currently being collated to form a cohesive Parish Plan which the Parish Council can refer to when planning future projects, and or liaising with external bodies on behalf of the Parish.  The final document should be ready by the end of 2023.  Further information will be communicated via the website / newsletters and noticeboard in due course.


Health & Safety Committee

As a Public Body we take the Health and Safety of our Employees, Members of the Public and the Contractors we employ very seriously.  we have a small Health & Safety Committee which is made up of Councillor's with experience in this area who together with the Clerk constantly  review Health & Safety.  The Minutes from meetings are available below:  

H&S Committee Agenda and Minutes


November 2021


April 2021 

 March 2021